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Teen SRC 2019 – Warcross by Marie Lu

Warcross by Marie Lu

   WarCross is a futuristic book about a teenage girl name Emika, who finds her way into a VR tournament and must investigate on what’s wrong around her environment in a virual reality world and find crimminals. I enjoyed this book because I liked how the author was able to recreate how there are little holes everywhere in our lives and like in the book, the are various holes in the technological services. And being able to use knowledge and initiative to work together to fix both our personal and social problems. iwould recommend this book to teens who enjoy a good story with a techy side and readers who loved Ready Player One but want less of a post-apocalyptic world and more of a urban society.    

Teen SRC 2017 – Nerve by Jeanne Ryan

Nerve. The Five letter word game of dares that is the latest fad on the Internet. Vee, the protagonist at first is hesitant to play, as she was warned her friend not to play as the game is dangerous, but later decides to sign up. At first, she does it for fun, as each completed dare earns you a prize. With her watchers, alluring her with amazing prizes, she and her partner, Ian get addicted and complete a dare at a time, until they reach the Grand Prize dare, the dare that will win you your life’s future.

I would rate this book a 5/5 as the storyline was exciting, and parts of the book would keep you wondering about the characters and how you will deal in the situation if you were in the situation.