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Teen SRC 2018 – Breaker by Kat Ellis

Breaker by Kat Ellis

It all starts with a notorious serial killer nicknamed, The Bonebreaker. Quite original. I Breakerknow. But, things aren’t REALLY about this killer. This book is based on his son. Oh and:


Okay. Now, from here on, read at your own risk. The famous ‘son’ I’ve been talking about earlier is kind of the ‘main character’ or this novel. But then again, not really. Kyle Henry is his… But really, his name WAS Kyle Bluchevsky-son of a notorious serial killer named Robert (Bobby) Bluchevsky. But Kyle’s dad has been killed in a death sentence, and it only leaves Kyle himself and his mom. So, he changes school, name, and most of all, his life. But even after his dad’s death, he’s still haunted by his father in the creepiest ways possible. Not soon after, he realizes that he recognizes one of the girls at his new school-in a bad way. Her mother was murdered by Kyle’s dad. But the girl, Naomi, is very soon intrigued by Kyle’s mysteriousness, all the while immune to the fact that this boy’s father was the killer of her mother. But as they open up to each other, secrets float up to the surface.

I finished this 334 page book in one sitting from 8:30 in the morning to who knows when. I just couldn’t stop my hands from turning the crisp pages. The writing is incredibly gifted and she has a way of making her characters stay with you long after you are done with the book. I honestly don’t want to return this book to the library. I might as well buy a copy from Indigo! 🙂 Guys, read this! 😛

Teen SRC 2018 – Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Every Last Word is a fantastic novel for people who often find it hard to calm down from a Every Last Wordfight, an argument, or even just from crying. I probably flooded my room after reading this book; I was crying so hard. But anyway. On to the book. First of all, I HATED Sam’s (the main character) friends. They’re the “OH-MY-GAWD-I’m-So-Pretty-And-You-Are-So-Not” kind of ‘friends’. Like, really? I was having my doubts about this book right then and there. But then, things got a whole lot better. Majorly. Caroline appeared. I freaking loved Caroline so much I wanted to crawl into those words and hug her lungs out.


I cannot legitamately believe she’s not actually real, though. Literally. I think I have trust issues now. 🙁 AAARRRHH!!! WHY DO THE BEST CHARACTERS END UP BEING A FAKE OR SOME KIND OF A CREEP? MY HEAD IS GOING TO POP OPEN AND STEAM IS GOING TO POUR OUT AND…!!!


Now that I’m done with my rage fest, I’ll ACTUALLY start describing the book. So, Sam (Samantha, but she likes to be called Sam) has this group of friends who are all really popular-so, obviously, she’s also part of the ‘popularity’ squad. But her group has no idea that Sam has OCD, and is constantly being controlled by her mind, thinking dark thoughts that she can’t turn off. But that’s when she finds Caroline, a mysterious but spunky girl who tells her about a secret poem club, Poet’s Corner. Sam is drawn to them, but especially the guitar playing guy called AJ. He is romantic, cute, mysterious, and most of all, honest. He ends up developing feelings for Sam as well.

I wanted to bash this book against the wall at the start, but then I wanted to buy 100 copies of it near the end of the book. I loved it! Although it made me sniffle a little, okay. A LOT. I couldn’t put it down, even if I wanted to (And trust me, I only put it down if I was hungry or thirsty). Even then, I would continue reading chapter by chapter, ensuring myself that I WOULD finish this book today. And what do you know? I DID! (sadly….) 🙁 I wanted this book to go on forever…..Read it guys! You’ll fall in love with the mysterious and charming AJ, and feel depressed for Caroline all the same. I just adored it so much! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

Teen SRC 2018 – Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Sadness, sadness, SADNESSSS. I don’t read these kinds of stories too often – it always Everything I Never Told Youends up on me crying. Even writing this my eyes fill with fresh tears. Great. I’m going to drown my computer. If you ever need me, you can find me at home bathing in my tears. JK. Or not… This book is about a girl named Lydia who is the ‘perfect child’ at her home. She is expected to pursue the dreams that her parents were not able to. But then, Lydia is found dead in a lake. DEAD. Not unconscious, but dead. Her whole family is destroyed. I really loved this novel and I couldn’t put it down until I finished. Nuh-uh. I skipped lunch for this book! And half of dinner because I was crying too hard. (Don’t judge, I’m emotional) 🙂 (and a bracket and happy face addict). 🙂 I definetely recommend you guys to read this book, and I trust me, this book will not dissapoint. 😉

Teen SRC 2018 – We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

That’s true. BTW before anything, you must know that this is an awesome summer read, We'll Always Have Summer (Summer, #3)so read it while summer lasts! Sadly, Conrad told Belly (read previous two books to comprehend my language) 🙂 to stick with Jeremiah, but Belly doesn’t think it’s exactly the most ‘happy’ happily ever after for them. As a boyfriend, you have your rules to stick with, and Jeremiah just broke them all. (Well, I can’t say ALLL, but, you get my meaning) She starts questioning her love life with Jeremiah, and starts to have feelings for Conrad (once again). 🙂 Belly has to decide between the two boys. Which one will she give her heart to? Everything, every single thing, about it is perfect and i wouldn’t want it any other way. Throughout the book you’re debating whether Belly should choose Jeremiah or Conrad. For me, I had no idea. I just read on, on a cliff-hanger for like 9/10 of the book. I loved this trilogy, and I am actually kinda sad there’s only 3 books! 😉

Teen SRC 2018 – Letters To The Lost by Brigid Kemmerer

Letters To The Lost by Brigid Kemmerer

Who here wrote letters before? MEE! This book is so sad and depressing. But of course, Letters to the Lost (Letters to the Lost, #1)also exciting. It is about a girl named Juliet who writes letters to her mother- but there’s a catch. Her mother is dead. So Juliet leaves her letters at her mother’s grave. But one day, Declan, a guy who is less than what one would say, ‘nice’, finds one of Juliet’s letters, and decides to write back. Soon, they become ‘friends’ who don’t “know” know each other.  They are still kind of like ‘strangers’. But what neither of them know is that they aren’t REALLY strangers. They go to the same school, and neither of them like each other very much. But in the letter world, they fall in love, and sparks fly.

I loved this book partially because it was such a great read, and partially because I actually stayed until 1:00am to read it. Okay, guys? You must read it. It’s such a great book, and I found myself relating to Declan and Juliet so much! :):):):):):):):):):)

Teen SRC 2018 – The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our StarsI said I would review this and I am a woman of my word so here comes The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Out of all of the books I have read from John Green, I would have to say that this is the only one I actually enjoyed. It’s a classic romance but with one tiny twist: the two main characters are both dealing with cancer, in one way or another. As I said in a prior review, John Green isn’t exactly one of my favourite authors, I find he focuses too much on the characters and not the actual plot instead. However, this book is really quite awesome, because there was no plot to begin with so I didn’t get frustrated because there was no mystery or crime that we needed to get to the bottom of anyways. I think that if more of his books were like this,  I’d enjoy them a lot more because then I’d be content just focusing on characters. I give this a 4/5 stars just because real-life fiction just isn’t my favourite genre but it was insanely better than most of the other books in said genre, including his own. I will have a summary below to give you a short intro and yes, I would recommend this.


This is the story of Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. It sounds like a typical fairy-tale but it really is not. Why? Hazel and Augustus are both dealing with the un-curable disease: Cancer. This book talks about how Hazel is reluctant at first, but is eventually won over by Gus, ever the charming one. They are having the time of their lives together but then cancer comes bite them once more. The ending is a pretty sad one but surprisingly, I was not as affected as my friends warned me I would be, which was very weird because I think under normal circumstances I most definitely would have been very emotional.

Teen SRC 2018 – In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

Related imageIn Too Deep by Amanda Grace

This book isn’t one you would spend 2 hours on. Heck, I finished this in 30 minutes! Well, then again, I’m a very fast reader, so… I guess I don’t REALLY have a say in this. I adored this book and hated it all the same. Both are fairly accurate. A few chapters into the book I realized the real point: It was to show how deep a lie can go, and how deep is too deep. This book is about a girl named Sam who has a huge crush on her best friend, Nick. She wanted to use Carter (another guy) to get to Nick. However, when she was drunk at a party, Carter called her some not-so-great names. Soon, a rumor starts that Carter raped her. Which is definitely not true. Sam had no idea what the fuss was about for the longest time, and when she did know, it was too late. So she played along with the drama. But what she didn’t know was that she was ruining Carter’s life.

The thing is, I felt like Sam could have fixed it earlier before things were so bad. Instead, she went along with it-which resulted in everyone else trusting her, and ruining Carter’s life.

Teen SRC 2018 – Puddin’ by Julie Murphy

Image result for puddin' bookPuddin’ by Julie Murphy

“Don’t break the rules, change ’em”- Quote from cover

Goodness me! I don’t know how Julie Murphy did it, but she did. I am a huge fan of Julie Murphys after reading Dumplin’, her first book, and now Puddin’, the sequel. Seriously, I think Julie Murphy is some magical fairy unicorn incorporated in a human body!(Though unicorns can’t write). 🙂

This book is about a girl named Millie who is a ‘fat’ girl. She even calls herself fat! Each year, her parents send her to fat camp to lose weight, but this year, Millie has other goals. She wants to become a broadcast journalist- and to kiss her longtime crush. Then there’s Callie- a.k.a. stuck up mean girl. She has everything: an awesome mom, a perfect boyfriend, beauty, next in line for dance team captain, and a group of girls that follow her around like ducklings. But when Callie experiences a downfall on literally everything, she goes from the nickname “Popular girl” to “Girl who hangs out with the fatty”. But little did she expect to actually become good friends with Millie, and she finds out more about herself than she ever did with her dance team ‘friends’. I would rate this book a 6 out of 5 if it were even possible!

Teen SRC 2018- Stronger Than You Know by Jolene Perry

Stronger Than You KnowStronger Than You Know by Jolene Perry

Okay, this book is not about my life (just to clarify) even though my name is the same as the protagonist in this book, Joy. Joy lived for most of her life in fear in the trailer of her abusive mother. But thankfully, now at 15, she has escaped from this torture-but not unscarred. She has an unspeakable trauma deep within her, and anxiety that kills her more and more each day. However, she learns that she must testify in her mother’s trial, and she is terrified to bring back the memories of the past.

Also, as a warning, this book is about some pretty terrible abuse. So if you don’t like reading about that then steer clear of this book. I just picked this book up randomly at my local library, and I don’t regret my choices. I loved all the characters’ flaws and achievements. They are memorable, and touching.

Teen SRC 2018 – The Dangerous Art of Blending In by Angelo Surmelis

Image result for the art of blending inThe Dangerous Art of Blending In by Angelo Surmelis

I knew it was going to be an emotional one but  the ending basically had me feeling at least 1000000000 things all at once which is RIDICULOUS, because we only have 5 senses. I spent the entire afternoon reading this and it really broke my heart. This book is brutal and devastating. If you can’t handle abuse and hard beatings, well, this book will not do well with you. Books like this hit me right in the heart, because the stuff that happens in this book happens every day in real life. It might be happening in your classmate’s, or your neighbours home, or your best friends home. It is a book about a boy named Evan who is gay. Like, straight-out. But his mother doesn’t take this information really well. In fact, she despises him for it. So the abuse continues.

This book slammed itself right into my arms. I’m not even kidding. When I was browsing the teen sections of the library, I found this book and decided not to read it. But after, however well I placed it, the book would continue falling off the shelves, so I was exasperated, and checked it out.