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Teen SRC 2019 – Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child is technically a children’s book BUT the writing and plot are absolutely too amazing to not share. The rules for the SRC are that we may write reviews for Children’s Books as long as we believe they are not “childish” or “juvenile” and would appeal to teens which is exactly what I think of this series.

This book is about a girl named Ruby, the only child to popular socialite parents. However, she’s definitely not a simple party girl. She’s an honest-to-goodness genius who created a code at 8 years old which troubled Harvard professors. This level of intelligence is hard to go unseen which is why she is quickly invited into a spy agency called Spectrum where she’s to work as a code-cracker, nothing more. However, Ruby’s just a little too smart for her own good…

Thoughts: This is my all-time favourite series. ALL. TIME. And if you’ve read my reviews, you’d know how high my standards are so… GO READ THIS RIGHT NOW! It’s the most underrated series I know and deserves SO MUCH MORE love. This is perfect for mystery lovers and the plot twists are inSANE. I have literally never been able to correctly predict a plot twist in this series but now as I re-read I pick up on SO MANY HINTS that were written so well they completely escaped my mind. Another thing, I love romance in my books and this is the first book completely without a love story that has captured my complete and absolute attention (but if you survive on that chemistry this might not be for you…) so it may just do the same for you too! Final rating is a 10/10 baby, no flaws whatsoever.

Teen SRC 2018- The Report Card by Andrew Clements

The Report Card by Andrew Clements

The Report Card is in the perspective of a girl named Nora. Nora is the genius in grade five but she doesn’t admit it. Now when we’re talking genius we’re talking she was a one year old solving puzzles and a toddler reading. Nora thinks when being the genius that there will be to much pressure with good grades and always being right, so she hides it. Nora does bad on purpose, she wants to show her parents and teachers that she is just an “average” student.

In kindergarten  Nora observes the other kids in her class to try to be more like them. Each day she would secretly be someone else in the class by copying what they do. Once she went through each person she seemed to like the day she got to be a kid named Stephen. They soon become very good friends because they would do the same things, but never would they show they are because they thought it would be weird if a girl and a boy were friends. When the CMT (Connecticut Mastery Test) scores come out Stephen’s scores come out not so good. Nora is determined to prove to Stephen that it’s not that important to get a bad score. Nora tries to get bad grades on purpose so that Stephen doesn’t feel so bad.Read More