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Teen SRC 2022 – Positively Teen: A Practical Guide to a More Positive, More Confident You by Nicola Morgan

This is a non-fiction book, Positively Teen: A Practical Guide to a More Positive, More Confident You by Nicola Morgan, provides basic tips and information on living a healthy life. It includes both physical and mental aspects such as exercise, eating, sleep, attitudes, and mentality. There are graphics and drawings on every page to engage the teen reader instead of a regular, all-words type of book. I think it is a decent introductory guide to begin learning about our mental and physical health. It is simple, straight-forward, and easy to comprehend.

Personally, this book was too easy for me because I have already learned most of the concepts through other sources. School, Ted-Ed, YouTube, Internet, family and other social media platforms have given me a lot of advice even though some are misleading. However, reading non-fiction tends to be a boring activity, so this was a small challenge for me to get through the whole book. I would use it as a brief summary of how to live healthier and survive the turbulent teenage years. I think if I had read this a few years prior, I would have found it more helpful because I was inexperienced and naïve back then.

Overall, I would recommend this book because it is practical and beneficial for those who are in their early teenage years. No one taught me how to deal with negative events and feelings when I was younger, so I struggled. But this book and other similar self-help books will support youths’ lack of inexperience in the world and help them adjust. Please learn to be happy and healthy everyone! It’s actually really important!

Teen Review – Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Blink is not your average book. It concerns the fact that some people are able to recognize certain things in split milliseconds. For example, in the book the author mentions a peculiar aspect of a seasoned tennis coach, able to recognize double faults before they even happened.

However, when asked, the coach had absolutely no idea how he did that. It is this unconscious thinking that has caused this book to be made. Other peculiarities discussed include instantly knowing when an important statue is fake or not, how people can choose one drink over another differently based on HOW MUCH they drank, and how better advertisement can make food products taste better.

The important point of this book is for people to realize our true thinking capabilities, and how we can use them to better our lives. Read this book to find out more about unconscious thinking.