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This book really caught my eye because I have NEVER in my life heard of anything called a monster crusher. I assumed it was some sort of machine, but little did I know how wrong I was!

This book is about a girl named Laura who is larger than all the kids in her grade, and the kids at her school don’t let her forget it. When Laura’s family moves to another town, Laura hopes for the best at her new school. What she didn’t expect was hearing a scary rattling sound coming from her closet, making REAL friends, and seeing various things that are most possibly related to the rattling in her closet.


When Laura discovers the source to her rattling, things take on a whole new level of creepy. It turns out that Laura is named a monster crusher of the underworld! Her role seems simple but is very hard to achieve. She has to protect the world from the most feared horrors: monsters. This is starting to get interesting…

If you’re looking for a wonderful read that’s entertaining and a little bit of horror, Laura Monster Crusher is the perfect book for you!

I rate it a 4.5/5!