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Dungeons and Dragons at the Library – Tavyn Highlander!

One of the players in our D&D group, Vana, has created a Tiefling magic user. (Art by Vana.) This is his backstory…

Adopted into an Elven noble family at the age of four, Tavyn Highlander came from old money. He was strange looking for a Tiefling, as he carried a very reptilian appearance. He showed a talent for evocation magic, as well as a love for trickery. He was raised with Lord’s training along with his older sister, Levanne, the blood daughter of his adoptive parents. By his early teens he was fluent in Common, Undercommon, Infernal, and Draconic, despite his parent’s distaste for the ‘lesser’ languages.

As he reached his late teens, he began to dream of a world outside his family’s house, escaping out of his window at night to explore the criminal underbelly of his home town.  He revealed to his sister Levanne that he had been leaving the house in the night, and she told of his escapades to their parents. Tavyn’s parents flew into a rage, and as punishment arranged his marriage to a fellow noble. That night, Tavyn escaped his house with a hefty amount of gold and left town, turning to the criminal underground to hide.

He now travels to escape his adoptive parents, discover the identity of his birth family, and find out who he really is.

Interested in playing D&D? Let us know! We have two spots open in our teen game that meets Tuesdays from 7-9pm.

Dungeons and Dragons – the Story So Far…

On Tuesdays from 7-9pm there is a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game for teens that takes place in the Brighouse branch Launchpad. Each game is run by Digital Services Tech (and author) James McCann.

Interested in joining? Click here to sign up!

The story so far…

A farmer’s cart has broken down on the road and wolves have attacked!

The world of Aloric had always been plentiful and peaceful, and stories of old wars and rivalries were just legend. Those who trained as soldiers did so to protect the lands from raiders and highwaymen, but wars between nations had not existed for more than a century.

Over the past few months, water in Aloric had been getting scarcer. Wells were running dry, and the water witches had not found new sources. The roads were becoming rife with bandits stealing not gold—but water from those who travelled.

Ragnar, a dragonborn fighter, and Ratath, an elfin warrior, had answered an ad posted all over town for adventurers willing to seek out water. As they sat in the inn they noted the tables full of wannabe adventurers.

“Welcome!” the mayor said. “Thank you for coming. This quest is of utmost importance…for we will be out of water within the year.”

“And what is this quest?” a halfling shouted from the back of the room.

The mayor cleared his throat uneasily and said, “To journey to the Citadel of the Vampires. To bargain a treaty with them, as they are responsible for the last of Aloric’s water.”

Even before the mayor had finished his words beyond “vampire,” the inn had cleared out. Except for Ragnar, Ratath, a dwarven mage, and a goblin rogue.

“They call me Brikt,” the goblin said to those who were left. “My king has sent me here to also bargain. But we believe that war is imminent with the vampires, and only those wielding the Five Magical Weapons of Lore have a chance at defeating the creatures of dark.”

The mayor sighed and started to speak. His words mumbled until he gave up altogether. He sat, slumping in a chair and looking tired.

“This is a chance for me to redeem what I have done wrong,” Ragnar whispers. Then out loud: “I will do it!”

“As will I,” said Ratath. The dwarf, Baulder, added something about going where he might learn better magic.

The mayor looked at the troupe and nodded. “Where you go will be dangerous. But we are thankful for your willingness.”

And so their story began!

To be continued…

Want to Create Your Own Video Game?

One of my favourite things to do at the end of my day is to sit at my computer and play one of my favourite video games. My current obsession is Left for Dead 2 (still hoping the rumours of a L4D3 are true), but I also enjoy a good treasure-seeking monster-hunting round of Diablo. Every now and then I don the cowl and cape and play Batman Arkham Asylum–but I have this habit of getting lost in the city after making too many right-hand turns and I can never find the Joker. (And yes, I know Batman has a GPS but that doesn’t seem to help me at all.)

Knowing what I like and wish were available in a video game often makes me wish I could create my own. Imagine a Batman-style Arkham adventure with streets filled with zombies, where your ultimate goal is to find magic items that make you more and more powerful! But how does one go about learning how to make their own games?

You could come to Game Curious, a free no-pressure learning environment of discussion, discovery and play right here at the Richmond Public Library! At this weekly event starting July 8th, you can connect with local storytellers who also love video games.

There will be six MAKE sessions, and all are inclusive and non-competitive workshops that use free software to introduce the skills needed to make games. Here, you will be supported by mentors and you will create your own game!

All you have to do is sign up!


SIX MAKE sessions July 8th – August 12th

July 8: Design and Planning: Helping to get you started on your first game.
July 15: Coding Concepts: No previous experience required!
July 22: Narrative: Storytelling and interactive narrative.
July 29: Art and Audio: Making your game come alive!
August 5 + 12: Finishing Your Game: We’ll be there to support you as your put the finishing touches on your project.