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Teen SRC 2019 – Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

Ever since I saw this beautiful minimalistic cover at Costco, I knew I had to read it and I’m so glad I finally got the chance to.

Dumplin’ is about a girl named Willow who’s fat, obese, overweight, whatever you want to call it. And she knows, and she’s come to terms with it. She’s never had a problem with it… until she meets Bo, the star football player. Desperate to get her “spunk” back, Willow joins a beauty pageant, shocking just about everyone around…

I loved this book so so much and found myself laughing throughout because Willow’s charisma and humour just really made it relatable. A toxic body image is something that’s enforced upon us every time we go on social media, read a magazine or see a poster up in the mall. It’s a very prominent problem in our world that needs to be talked about. This book was an amazing and inspirational story that made my heart sing (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the point) and gave me a lot of hope and confidence.

My final rating is an 8.5/10 because I feel like the “wanting to change for a guy” is quite downgrading in my book but the fact that Willow overcomes that is an amazing feat to me. Would definitely recommend!

Teen SRC 2019- Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly Devos

Okay, so, first things first. I have been really sick. The End. No questions. Yeah. Okay…so…let’s get on with the book. This is probably…no…DEFINITELY

Fat Girl on a Plane

one of my favorite books of all time. This book evolves around basically one topic. Fat. Probably not the most interesting topic on earth, but Kelly Devos makes it sound so intriguing. ( I hope I spelled that right).

Basically, this book is about a girl named Cookie Vonn. Yeah. I mean, no offense, but who in the right mind would name their child after a DESSERT!? Cookie Vonn is, as many would say, plus-sized. But Cookie doesn’t let anyone’s rude remarks get to her. She sets off on an enthralling trip to become a famous fashionista. After Cookie becomes skinny (thanks to NutriNation), she expects rainbows and butterflies. Before she even knows it, Cookie is offered to live and study in New York. Right when Cookie thought everything would be perfect, she realizes something devastating. Her dreams are drifting out of her grasp, and she can’t do anything about it. Or can she ?

This novel is truly a masterpiece. I knew this was going to be an amazing book right from the blurb, when the author explains that this is not a Cinderella story of getting thin. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I am truly inspired by Cookie’s courage to take a stand and to speak up.