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Final Battle is this week!!

The final week of the Teen SRC 2019 Battle of the Books is here! Can you believe that 14 of our favourite books were eliminated?!! The final two books at Brighouse are

The Hunger Games
The Fault in Our Stars

What do you think? Did you think it would be these two in the final battle?? I don’t think we did. Which book is getting your vote? You can come to Brighouse to make your choice, or you can vote on our poll on our blog.

Our Steveston branch already completed their epic battle and My Hero Academia beat The Fault in our Stars. Amazing!!

Holy moly! The Battle of the Books is crazy!

Last week’s battle between The Hunger Games and My Hero Academia was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close!! The votes were:
Hunger Games: 90
My Hero Academia: 84

This week’s battle is between The Fault in Our Stars vs Ready Player One. I think this week’s battle is going to be equally hard!!!! Which book are you going to vote for?

And which book should battle for the final title against The Hunger Games???

The Battle of the Books is heating up!

Don’t forget to cast your vote in our Battle of the Books! At Brighouse this week, the battle is between The Hungers Games and My Hero Academia. We’ve already lost of my personal favourites, so make your voice heard and vote for your’s before they get eliminated.

Also, every branch is doing they’re own Teen Battle of the Books, so you can head to your closest branch to vote.

Come and Vote for your Favourite Books

Don’t forget to come to any RPL branch to vote for your favourite book in the Teen Battle of the Books! The Battle will be running all summer long, so make sure to come back every week to save your favourites!

This is a photo of the one we’re doing at Brighouse and right now, The Hunger Games is beating Throne of Glass by a land slide! Come and make your vote!