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Teen SRC 2019 – The Truth Commission by Susan Juby

The Truth Commission

Hilarious, powerful, and deep. The Truth Commission by Susan Juby is one of those rare books that makes you want to forget what you read, just so that you can read it again and again.

Normandy Pale goes to an art school in Nanaimo. She knows that she was only accepted there because of her sister; the infamous Keira Pale, author of the graphic novel series, the Diana Chronicles, in the hope that she also has some of those talented genes. Despite that, Normandy has made a life for herself, everything is going relatively fine for her until her sister suddenly comes back from college with no explanation. It wouldn’t be much of a problem for other families, but ever since the first Diana Chronicle was published, Normandy has had a complicated relationship with her sister, that is if she has had any relationship with her at all.

Why? The Diana Chronicle’s supporting characters are Normandy and her parents. The graphic novel series are inspired by incidents that happened in her family, none of which are flattering, and all of which are exaggerated. Normandy hates the distorted version of herself and her family in the Diana Chronicles, but can do nothing about it, not when her parents are happy to pretend that it doesn’t matter. Needless to say, when Keira moves back in, the entire family is on tiptoes, trying not to do anything embarrassing enough to be featured in the Chronicles, while at the same time trying to provide the very picky environment Keira needs to finish working on her latest book.

On top of all this, Normandy and her two best friends Dusk and Neil, after having confronted a classmate about her plastic surgery, decide to form a Truth Commission. “The truth will set you free,” they claim, and with that begins their mission to discover and confront their classmates’ and teachers’ secrets, not for the purpose of juicy gossip, but simply because living a lie isn’t something anyone should have to do. After their first few successes, the Truth Commissioners are on a roll. But when a truth hits too close to home, even the Truth Commissioners know that some lines just aren’t meant to be crossed…

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Contest – Create the Design for the 2020 Teen Summer Reading Club!

Are you an artist? Want to have your artwork showcased at the Richmond Public Library? Don’t forget to enter our contest!!! Entries must be submitted by Saturday, August 31, 2019.

Here are the details:
Design the imagery for Teen Summer Reading Club 2020, using next year’s theme: The Roaring 1920’s!
Design must be an original work and your own original superhero. Art only, no words on design. Design can be done in any medium (drawing, painting, collage, pho-tography, computer graphic, etc.). Designs dimensions must be letter-sized paper (height 27.94cm x width 21.59cm). Entries must be submitted by Saturday August 31, 2019 at any RPL library OR emailed to

*RPL reserves the right to disqualify any offensive and/or inappropriate submission.

Winner of the Teen SRC Booklet 2019 Contest

Thank you for all the wonderful submissions for the Teen SRC Booklet Cover Contest! They were all so great and it was was to pick just one. The winner of this year’s contest is: Megan Y! 

The theme for the Teen Summer Reading Club for 2019 is Superheroes and Megan’s image will be on the booklet and all the promotions for the Teen SRC 2019.

Congratulations Megan!! 

Teen SRC 2018 – Heist Society by Ally Carter

Image result for heist societyMost everyone in Katarina Bishop’s family are con-artists. She was brought up stealing, scamming, and conning other people. When she was fifteen, Katarina planned a con on her own: scamming her way into the best boarding school in the country in order to leave the family business behind and live a normal life. However, this is proving harder than she’d anticipated.

Out of nowhere, Katarina’s friend and former partner shows up at her school to bring her back into the world she’d tried to escape, the reason being that her dad is in big trouble. The priceless art collection of a powerful mobster was stolen, and her dad is number one on the suspect list.

For Kat, there is only one job: to steal back the art collection within the time limit of two weeks. Armed with a crew of teenagers, and maybe enough luck and talent to pull off this huge heist, she is prepared to do the impossible… and steal her normal life back along the way.