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Teen SRC 2020- Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman


Living in a time where dystopian books are common and overdone (the more apocalyptic and doomsday-ish, the better) it’s truly rare to find a book that will leave you with chills running down your spine. Dry, by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman does exactly that.

The idea behind this book is also unusual but not entirely unimaginable; what if the taps were to suddenly go dry? What if there was no more running water, and what if everyone around you suddenly became a thirsty water-zombie that would stop at nothing to get a few drops of the stuff? I know what you’re thinking. No running water, the end of the world, and ZOMBIES? Not another apocalypse book!

And while I don’t consider myself an expert on sci-fi or dystopian novels (not really my genre), I think this book did some things differently that changed it from an overused cliche doomsday book to something special.

First: This novel is narrated by a multiple person perspective. The first few characters stuck throughout the story, but others were just here to offer ‘snapshots’. I found it interesting because we didn’t just see what the Tap-Out meant for Alyssa, Kelton and their friends but for a whole host of different people. Living the apocalypse isn’t really fun when you don’t get the whole experience, am I right?

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Teen SRC 2018 – The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

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What would happen if all our modern technology are to fail one day? Most parts of our daily lives that we take for granted would not exist anymore. The masses would fall into chaos, and when the population have convinced themselves that it wasn’t a dream, fighting would break out for the limited resources in the world. The survivors would have to band together to try to extend their own time in this world, and most of civilization would be destroyed. Yep. That’s exactly what happens in this book. Sixteen year old Adam Daley’s life changed in one afternoon, when computers around the world shut down in a viral catastrophe. After the people got overthe initial shock, chaos descended, and fights break out over the dwindling supplies. That’s when Adam realized that having a police woman for a mother and a paranoid spy living next door may be the key to his, and his neighborhood’s survival.

I thought this series was really cool. Since most everything depends on computers and electricity in this modern age, we don’t really want to think about what will happen if they all just fail one day. Wait… I’m staring at a screen and making my eyes get more near-sighted right now…



Teen SRC 2018 – Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

Image result for monument 14 book Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

A freak hailstorm sends a bus containing six teenagers , two eighth graders, and several kids crashing into a superstore, and traps them inside. This is followed almost immediately by a series of natural and man-made disasters that proceeds to destroy the outside world as they knew it. Locked inside the store, the group of kids and teenagers must learn to put aside their differences and trust in each other if they want to survive.

This book is great if what you’re looking for is a shorter type of survival/ apocalyptic novel to read. I enjoyed reading it, even though it’s probably directed towards younger teens (12-13?). If you liked this series, I would also recommend “The Rule of Three,” which is slightly similar to this book.