Visit RPL any branch on June 20 or later to pick up your postcard to join.

An evil miscreant has kidnapped 8 of your beloved book characters and has threatened to erase them from the stories. Here’s the letter she sent us:

Dear Friend or Foe,

I did it! It was me. I couldn’t help myself you see. I was tired of being written off as the “bad guy,” or sitting back just so Joe Blow could bask in the glory for something so trivial like rescuing a cat from a tree. I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands, to change my destiny even if it means also changing the destiny of those around me. I’m literally taking a page off of the book Renegades because for this first time, this book got me thinking, are the “bad guys” really the evil ones? Or is it the “good guys” who are tarnishing our reputations just so they can look good in the eyes of the readers? Readers beware…no book is safe, no character too sacred for what I’ve set out to do. From this day forward I vow to re-write story lines, erase characters and modify endings. By the time I’m done readers will be saying, “Harry Potter who?”

So, are you with me? Or against me?

The fate of all our books are at risk! Join our Bookcity: Superheroes Alternate Reality Scavenger Hunt to determine that fate. Here is what’s at stake:

  1. Once you join the Scavenger Hunt, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your true nature is a miscreant (villain) or a guardian (hero). Once you have joined a side, you can begin the quest.
  2. Each week a different book character is at risk.
  3. For the 8 weeks of summer, players will be presented with a new puzzle each week that they must complete correctly.
  4. The outcome at the end of the each week (ie whichever side has the most points) determines the fate of the character at risk.
  5. At the end of the game, the side with the most points will determine whether or not our villain is recaptured or evades the police and carries on task of erasing characters.

To join, please visit RPL any branch on June 20 or later to pick up your postcard.