When Kacey Left by Dawn Green

Kacey and Sara have been the bestest of friends ever since they were little, doing everything together. Then Kacey left.

After Kacey’s sudden disappearance, Sara’s world completely changed. No one to skip classes with, hang at the beach or talk to. Worse, everyone at school is exchanging glances with Sara and are whispering about her. Her parents forced her to see a counsellor, who makes Sara write letters to Kacey daily to help her deal with her grief.
Now that Kacey is gone, it’s up to Sara to try to understand what it all meant and accept her loss.
This novel is well written, seeing a young teenager’s perspective on her or his grief and emotions on loosing someone. From this book you can learn how important someone may be and how great someone’s disappearance can impact your life.

Bonus:At the end of this heart-melting novel, there are sources about suicide and frequently asked questions that Dawn Green answers.

I recommend this book if you are interested on books based on friendships and if you like novels with the formats of diaries or journals, reading the book from a character’s perspective.