Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi was pretty good overall, it deals with issues with the characters and their moms, anxiety, and the characters are flawed but lovable. Penny and Sam are the two narratives and each chapter they switch, I liked seeing how their characters slowly changed throughout the book. It also has a unique layout with “texts” and banter between characters are witty. The ending is really sweet. I did not like the use of internet slang within this book, it’s awful and I was about to put down the book, but it goes away thankfully in the later chapters, I don’t know why though, kinda inconsistent. Anyways so about the book it’s about Penny and Sam, they meet each other and they go through a lot of problems together, but become friends over text first, it’s heartwarming but also really sad, and the main characters have issues themselves, also therapy is mentioned, the characters need therapy, it’s a mostly feel-good book, quick to read, rom-com(???), bit dark, underlying issues, but I liked it, 7.5/10 thank you.