Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Hi, there readers!

First of all, I apologize for the weird picture/amazon purchase thing, I don’t know how to work this website and this was the closest thing I could find to a URL hahaha… if any of you know how I could find a book cover picture next time, please let me know. Now after my summer vacation, I am finally ready to post my first book review! I’ll try not to include spoilers!! (ill try to summarize my review ahhaha)

1. Age-wise, it’s perfect for all you teen readers! Okay, Red Queen was awesome. Especially if you’re a preteen-early teen, and starting out on some teen books, then this book is perfect. It doesn’t have too many romance-y moments (ahem) and the plot is fairly easy to follow. I am 14 and recently read this book over my vacation, and I really enjoyed it.

2. The plot was super interesting, WOW! I didn’t find a single bit boring in this book. If you’re a romance seeker like me, you’ll find a (heheh) love triangle between Mare, Maven, and Cal. Honestly, this book is just a TikTok imagine pov itself. However, if you’re not really a romance seeker and more of a dystopian person, then good news! This book not only has a little romance but in fact, most of it displays a different society in which there are people who are red blooded and silver blooded. The book talks about the social divide between the two types of people. In the end, if you’re both a romance and dystopian person, then fantastic news! This may just be the perfect book for you.

3. Many of the characters are so lovable, and they have actual human personalities. One of my favourite characters, Farley, showcases her loving perspective throughout the book even though on the outside she may seem tough. The book brings up a lot about family, which is a pretty important aspect of life, for me at least. It mentions the hardship brought up by family separation and the differences and diversity of us human beings.

My final review of this book would be a 5/5. It is one of my favourite series, and though it isn’t too complex, the ease of reading combined with how interesting the book is, truly makes it a masterpiece. I’m going to finish the rest of the series soon!