I am currently reading this book called the Following by Jeffrey W. Johnston. This book is about a boy named Alden who likes to follow people and find out their secrets. He’s training himself to become a private investigator some day. But one day, Alden decides to start following and spy on a popular boy at school, named Greg Matthes. As Alden follows Greg into an old deserted park after school, he first sees them verbally fighting from a distance. A few minutes later, Alden seemingly witnesses Greg Matthes murder his own girlfriend, Amy. Alden saw her lying on the floor but couldn’t get a clear sight of her at the distance. He also thinks he saw blood on Greg’s backpack. Alden started to worry in fear. He ran from the area as fast as he could. Was Amy actually murdered by Greg, or was what he saw not really the situation? Now Alden has to figure out what he could have seen there and the secrets Greg is hiding.

This book is a fast paced read and an interesting novel that keeps you reading until the end. My rating of the book: 9/10

Review by Muskaan Rana