Contains minor spoilers!

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo is about an orphaned girl that lives as a soldier in a world where war is evident. There are regular soldiers and then there are Grisha, the country’s magical military. The Grisha are seen as higher and more important than the regular soldiers of the Second Army, treated better and living lavishly. The orphaned girl, Alina Starkov, is an apprentice cartographer, and is wary and scared of her first time crossing the Shadow Fold, a massive area of land that is covered in darkness and teeming with monsters. When she crosses into the Fold and her group is attacked, Alina discovers a power that she did not know she had. This power saves her group from the darkness and captures the attention of the Darkling, the infamous leader of the Grisha soldiers. After being questioned, Alina is sent to train with the other Grisha, where she learns to harness her power and control it.