“Every story has four parts – the beginning, the middle, the almost ending, and the true ending.” 

After reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber, it took me all of two seconds to place an order on the second book in the series, Legendary. Without a doubt, it was magical and breathtaking all the same…but there were a few things I disliked, which I’ll talk about later.

To begin, I just want to say that my expectations for this book were ridiculously high, so any criticism is really more of a comparison to the first book inn the series. Then again, there isn’t much to criticize, not when I was so wrapped up in the story that time flew by without me ever noticing. As usual, Garber includes phenomenal foreshadowing, along with the most mysterious plot line you could ever ask for.

I’m slightly disappointed by the lack of one of the characters throughout the entire book; Scarlett. I think part of the reason I liked Caraval so much was because there was a balance between the two sisters, and although Scarlett was the protagonist, the story still revolves around Tella since she was the ultimate goal in the game. Both sisters were mentioned throughout the book, but seriously I don’t think there’s a single scene with Scarlett in it that lasts more than ten minutes in Legendary.

In conclusion, I would give this book 9/10, DEFINITELY recommend not only this but the whole Caraval series. It’s a short series, too, so I’m getting anxious of what I’m gonna do when I finish the last book…