Supernova by Marissa Meyer

Supernova by Marissa Meyer is the very epic conclusion to the Renegades. Although the first two books of Renegades were pretty nicely paced, this one was one action-packed book. Each event happens quickly yet is explained quite thoroughly. I think the most thrilling part was when Adrian uses the branding iron on himself in order to remove his abilities of drawing to get rid of Phobia once and for all. In the book, a lot was covered and it filled up a lot of loose ends such as how Max’s power was removed and also who Phobia actually was.

I would recommend this book to the people who have enjoyed Renegades and Archenemies. The conclusion was truly fascinating since it wasn’t like the other generic hero books where one side just wins and the other side is declared as “right.” Once you pick up this book, I can tell you that you are not putting it down until you finish it.