Renegades by Marissa Meyer is a series about a world with powers and heroes that call themselves Renegades. There are also villains called Anarchists and despite their name, their goal isn’t to bring anarchy, it is just to get rid of the Renegade council because they found it corrupt. This story follows a girl called Nova Artino, also known as Nightmare as part of the Anarchists. She is used to infiltrate the Renegades by posing as Nova McLean in order to become a Renegade herself to spy on them and cause havoc. She falls in love with a boy called Adrian, who is known as Sketch as part of the Renegades. The story follows their love and how Nova will manage her split identity.

I enjoyed this story despite the many loop holes such as Adrian never creating a gun to fight with and instead using small gadgets. I would recommend this book to people who like love stories intersecting with cool battle scenes. As I read this, I could feel the excitement of the battles flowing through the pages.