The Beauty That Remains - Woodfolk, Ashley

The Beauty That Remains by Ashley Woodfolk is a heartbreaking story about loss. The story is told in the perspective of three characters, Shay, who lost her twin sister, Logan who lost his ex (a boy he still loved) and Autumn, who lost her best friend. The characters each use music to deal with grief.

What I loved about this book was how flawed the characters were. Logan using alcohol as a coping mechanism and Shay pushing her friends away made their emotions honest and real. It also made the book impossible to read without crying… Another great thing about this book was that the characters, although grieving, were still relatable.

I’d rate this book a 9/10. It got a lot of points for diversity and representation, though I’d argue that there was some underlying biphobia that should’ve been challenged as the characters developed.

Even though this book is sad, I would definitely recommend it! Happy reading!