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I feel like I know what you’re thinking: Rosie writing another review on a YA romance?? ?

And yes, you are correct. I did indeed read yet another realistic fiction, teen romance novel this year :0

BUT — it’s because I was trying to get into the summer mindset and this just happened to scream teen spirit to me!!

And guess what? I liked it a lot more than Anna and the French Kiss! I know, crazy. Just read on to find out why <3

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is the story of Pepper Evans and Jack Campbell. An enemies to friends to enemies to lovers. Yep. That’s basically it. But if you really want to get into it, let me tell you about these two, because I loved, loved, LOVED them. Remember how I commended Stephanie Perkins on making Anna and St. Clair relatively realistic and likable? Well Emma Lord blew this aspect out of the heckin’ park.

Pepper is an all-round amazing student. A perfect GPA, countless stellar extracurriculars and awards, and a naturally competitive spirit to top it all off. She’s smart, she’s driven, and she’s… lost? She isn’t quite sure what she wants to do in the future, so she’s just trying to do everything she can to make it into a top university for the time being. To add to her workload, her mother (the CEO of a huge fast-food chain, Big League Burger) is constantly asking Pepper to manage the business social media, posting snarky replies and funny tweets.

Jack, on the other hand, is the class clown, always just one step behind his incredibly popular twin, Ethan. His family runs a local deli (Girl Cheesing), and Jack’s been working there his entire life, and many of their loyal customers have watched him grow up. He knows that when he graduates, Ethan will be off changing the world, and he’ll be charged with staying and taking on the family business. Secretly though, Jack harbours dreams of going into app development and coding, and has already created several fun and unique apps.

Although they go to the same school, they’ve never really been in the same social circles, and have never really had reason to talk to each other until…

Big League Burger comes out with a new menu item: a grilled cheese with a recipe that looks suspiciously similar to that of Girl Cheesing’s iconic Grandma’s Special. And all of a sudden, fiery tweets are getting thrown at each business from one another on Twitter, and a full on feud breaks out between Pepper and Jack anonymously.

And now for my thoughts!

As you can probably tell from the obnoxiously long summary, I loved this book. I related so much to Pepper, and Jack was also just so likable and true. I thoroughly enjoyed reading from both their perspectives, and I cannot stress how realistic their dialogue was — and this is coming from an actual teen. Their experiences and emotions were also so genuine and relatable that I couldn’t help but feel completely immersed in the story. It was without a doubt one of my favourite books this year, and I’m also very satisfied with the ending.

Although there wasn’t much of an actual plot or adventure, just seeing the characters and their relationships with each other as well as others around them develop was a sight to behold. It was so well-written and brought about. Nothing was rushed, and nothing was super frustrating either. It was really really balanced.

I think Lord outdid herself with this one, and I’m dying to try her other books. I’d give Tweet Cute a solid 9/10. It was a perfect choice for the summer (especially as I head into senior year).

Would absolutely recommend to every single teen out there who isn’t completely opposed to realistic fiction or romance.