Summer is finally here! We are looking forward to reading your reviews and awarding you for it! Prizes will be awarded all summer starting in July. Each week, we will be giving away a random prize plus a prize for our favourite review. This could be a post or comment that is well written, thought provoking or shows a lot of insight and no, a review does not have to be long to be considered. Like someone else’s review? Let them know, commenting on the blog counts as a post entry too!

Tune in on July 5th to participate in the Heist! Criminal mastermind Cody Vandango has hired you – Ainsley Jones. Your mission – to travel around the world to each of the seven continents and steal something of value without getting caught. Mission #1 begins NOW! Click here to complete the mission.

Mission #1 is the beginning of everything. Try your luck here

Mission #2 begins July 12th! Click here to complete the mission

Mission #3 is here! Click here to complete this week’s mission!

Mission #4 is even better! Click here to complete Week 4’s mission!

Mission #5 may be the most challenging yet! Click here to complete week 5’s mission!

Mission #6 is a doozy! Give it a try! Click here to complete Week 6’s mission!

The final mission is HERE!!!!! Can you complete everything for Cody Vandango? Click here to complete Week 7’s mission!