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Wow, a double post?! I haven’t done that in a looong time. Anyways, I have been devouring the Harry Potter books for literally the 7th time recently, and I have just finished this one. The ending made me feel a lot of ~emotions~ so I am going to rant about it on here, because it makes me keep my thoughts in order!

To be honest, I expect all of you guys to have read this book already, so I am going to… *gasp*… include spoilers for the first time ever! So, if you have not read up to this book yet, what are you even waiting for????? I would give my soul to live at Hogwarts, you’re missing OUT! Go on, this review isn’t going anywhere… come back when you’re ready!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling: Last book, we found out that Sirius didn’t actually betray James and Lily to Voldemort. In fact, he switched with Wormtail at the last minute, thinking this would fool You-Know-Who, but alas, bad move. Mr. Peter Pettigrew was a coward, and gave the Potters right over to Voldemort, then transformed into a rat, and let Sirius take the blame for him. Well, it’s good that they figured it out right? Now they can restore justice? NO. Wormtail wormed his way out again, and made Sirius go on the run, and Lupin lose his job. Despite this, Harry Potter and his friends are back at Hogwarts, and this is a peculiar year. ‘Tis the Triwizard Tournament! Two other Wizarding Schools, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons, have come to Hogwarts, to compete for the cup! Only wizards who are of age are allowed to compete, but somehow, Harry is entered, even though he is 14 at the time. Surprised? Me neither. Anyways, going through the tasks, Harry soon realizes that whoever put his name into the Goblet of Fire has far more sinister motivations than to give Hogwarts a better chance of winning, and when Harry gets past the last obstacle… he is transported by port-key to… none other than Wormtail, and Lord Voldemort himself. They kill Cedric, who had tied with Harry, and use Harry’s blood as part of a creepy spell to revive Voldemort. Somehow, Harry escapes once again, and they find the imposter who had been hiding at Hogwarts: Barty Crouch!

Okaaaay, and now for my thoughts: This book is where everything goes to poop. Harry is no longer the bright, unburdened child who gazed in awe at the Great Hall on his first day. He has seen too much, and it literally breaks my heart. Even worse, our dear Dark Lord has “come back from the dead,” more powerful than ever, and I think finishing this book for the first time was the moment when I realized the rest of this series wasn’t going to be heartwarming anymore. Cedric’s death was the turning point in Harry Potter’s journey. It symbolized the start of the second battle, and that left me in AWE. However, my emotions literally did a full 180 two seconds later, when Fudge got it into his bright head that he needed a dementor for protection when seeing Barty Crouch, who promptly kissed him and took away his soul, depriving him of the ability to confess. I- I cannot.

I now have 3 names on my most hated list of Harry Potter characters:

  1. Umbridge. This woman is so evil, I wouldn’t put it past her to have been related to Tom Riddle. I cannot stand her voice, her passive aggressiveness, and her pure cruelty.
  2. Fudge. He is an idiot. He let power and pride get to his head, and it cost the entire wizarding community dearly. Had he listened to Dumbledore and Harry, and taken appropriate measures, everything would have been different.
  3. Wormtail. He is the root cause of EVERYTHING. He caused the deaths of Lily and James, the incarceration of Sirius, and helped Voldemort return. It hurts my heart to think about the trouble he started.

That’s it guys! Sorry for the spoilers but I am livid. Please comment if you have any thoughts, and hopefully I will come back with a less angry review next week 😉

P.S. Despite the anger I felt reading this, the entire series is magnificent. It’s iconic, it’s magical, it’s something you will never forget. 10/10, and I wouldn’t dare give it anything less.