Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel

Such Wicked Intent - Oppel, Kenneth

In the sequel to “This Dark Endeavor”, Victor, Elizabeth and Henry are trying to transport themselves into a wolf in sheep’s clothing spirit careful of Greeks bearing gifts.After the events of the last book, Konrad Frankenstein is dead. While Elizabeth has lost her fiance and Henry has lost one of his closest friends, the person who lost the most is his twin brother Victor who feels as if he has lost half of himself. Destroyed and completely broken with guilt and grief over the death of his beloved brother and rage over the fact he couldn’t save him, Victor makes a deadly pledge to himself; he will bring Konrad back no matter the cost. However, no mere mortal man can bring a soul back. Or can he? In yet another journey, the trio try to, no, have to bring back the one person they all care and love; again they have to return to the Dark Arts and instead of just dipping their toes in this time, they are required to take a much deeper dive and there are no signs if they will resurface and be sane after this. They will have to travel to places where no living soul has set foot to or ever returned. But as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. their friendship and bonds will be strained again no matter how deep they bury their true emotions, or intentions. They discover unbelievable powers in the other side, but not everything that glitters is gold. Alchemy and overpowering potions will only lend strengths, but won’t survive against time. Slowly, these each of them will go through their own little nightmares controlled by power, greed, pain, and the urge to just feel alive. Will they be able to focus on their goal or will they stray from the path into the darkness? Will they be able to bring back Konard or will they just worsen his fate? And what is the line between their mission and the pit of obsession and madness?

Overall I enjoyed the idea and plot of the second book. There was romance and it really shows even though they buried their feelings about the relationship between Victor, Elizabeth, and Konard, all of it is going to tear apart and burst out again with much more damage then the first time. They are constantly suspicious of each other as the darkness eats away at their light. The whole concept is amazing but I hated the characters at the end. All of them became whiny, impulsive, rude, and became for the most annoying parts of themselves. They were constantly arguing, they refused to trust one another, and all of them are so stubborn. I suppose the author was trying to show how the power and darkness was affecting them, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much as the 1st book. Therefore I would only rate it 6/10. I was completely in love with the story line but I just despised what the characters have evolved into.