Welcome to the August’s Teen Book Club! Can you believe that half the summer has already passed! Even though the library is open in a small capacity, we still can’t meet in the library, so we’re doing a book club here on the blog. Participate by commenting below this post and start discussions with other teens. And there’s prizes!! Remember, 1 teen will win 1 Book Prize each week for a thoughtful comment in the monthly Teen Book Club.

For the month of August, let’s talk all about Romance in books. Should romance always be a plot point in books?

To get you started, here are some questions for you:

  • Romance is great and lovely, but should it be in almost every book?
  • Did the romance make sense, or did it ruin the story?
  • Why is romance such a large part of teen books?
  • Does the romance in the story help the character or the plot?
  • What is your favourite romance book or storyline?