Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Hello everybody! Something that is hilarious is that I’m reading the book that I won! This book is about a girl named Audrey, she is suffering from a social anxiety disorder. Audrey’s brother, Frank, is obsessed with video games, but his mom is not a big fan of them. I relate to this book a lot. My brother loves playing video games, but my mom does not understand why he wants to play video games more than, for example reading a book. I used to have this problem as well, I was so immersed in video games and playing them for hours every day not realizing all the time that went by. Last year at my school, I created a PowerPoint on the pros and cons of video games. Turns out, video games can improve hand-eye coordination, split decisions are crucial for playing most video games. Who knew?

It was humorous when Ann (mom) was doing all the disciplining and Chris (dad) was not being a role model to the kids, using his phone and sometimes agreeing with the kids. I am not a big fan of Linus and Audrey. Though, most teen books are somewhat about romance. I enjoyed that Audrey found confidence with Linus to step up. This book is so informal, in a good way. I’ve always been interested in books with a kid’s perspective. Dear Dumb Diary, Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Big Nate! They are all informal and that is why this book review is very informal. I’ve seen so many book reviews in my life, they end up sounding like a Harvard Acceptance Letters. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Kudos to all those amazing teens with awesome book reviews, and to all those authors who write books that always make me laugh. Thank you to the makers of this book review contest for giving me a chance to type my totally informal feelings of teen books. Finding Audrey is the first book that I reviewed that wasn’t making me drown in my own tears. I love this book!