“What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?” – Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is genuinely one of the most influential novels speaking out against racism written in our time. Especially now, in the times of people using their voice to campaign for what’s right, this book brings a whole new light to the controversial issues that have existed for generations.

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this novel is about a sixteen-year-old girl named Starr Carter who lives in two different worlds- a poor neighbourhood where she lives, and a fancy prep school she attends. Starr navigates through many feelings of grief after seeing her childhood best friend, Khalil, murdered by the police. When his death makes national headlines, Starr faces a choice that can change the entire community that surrounds her- does she defend her friend when confronted by a horrendous amount of outside pressures?

This book should continue to spread across different platforms and get into the hands of people as much as possible because it opens your eyes and makes you think, “How did I not see all of this happening before? How can I do something to help?” We still have time to learn about these pressing issues, and there’s so much to do in such little time. Being educated on this topic opens up new opportunities to create change in the world and be involved in something revolutionary. Reading this was like discovering a new perspective on life. I started seeing things differently, and I was able to question racism, discrimination, prejudice, and police brutality more seriously.

One of the main things the book is trying to get at is to USE YOUR VOICE. Your voice and your words are so important in moments like these. Whether it’s signing petitions, speaking out on social media, or participating in rallies, everything helps, and your voice is contributing to this sweeping moment that is happening in our world. I’ve realized how much my voice matters in the community, and how I can help educate others while learning more about myself and where I stand.

Starr is an excellent example of finding your voice. She felt as if her voice was not enough, as if she would not be able to make a change to her surroundings. She eventually realizes that her voice DOES matter, and through a lot of risk-taking and courage, she speaks up for herself, pushing past the consequences. Reading through this was so beautiful, the way Starr grew felt real and pure- which is somewhat uncommon in a novel. I felt connected to her as if she was talking to me. Starr is a huge inspiration to anyone who is looking to find their voice- she, without a doubt, helped me find mine.

Overall, this book was a compelling read, and it inspired me to use my voice on all of my platforms. No number can express how much I would recommend this book to anyone. It brings a lot of sadness to see how our world is flawed, but it also brings hope that it’s not too late to build from them. If we continue to let the hate between us grow, it’ll eventually take up all the space that’s left in the world, but what’s beautiful is the process we take to overcome all of it. 🙂

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