Welcome to the July’s Teen Book Club! Since we can’t meet in the library, we thought that we would do a book club here on the blog. Participate by commenting below this post and start discussions with other teens. And there’s prizes!! Remember, 1 teen will win 1 Book Prize each week for a thoughtful comment in the monthly Teen Book Club.

For the month of July, let’s talk all about Teen Books with a great twist in the plot!

Some questions for you:
– Is there a book that had a twist that you did NOT see coming?
– Did the twist make sense, or did it ruin the story?
– Did your opinion of the book change after the twist?
– If you could, would you change the ending?
– Or, if you didn’t like the ending because of the twist, does the ending matter or is the book still great without the twist ending?
– At what point in the book did you have an idea what was going on? What was the key clue that gave it away?