Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already summer 🙂 I hope you’re all doing well and participating in the SRC!

Lately I’ve been continuing on my Classics spree so I’ll be reviewing Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen today.

Although this is one of the “best” love stories ever written, so was Romeo and Juliet (which I did not enjoy), so I didn’t have too high of hopes for this.

The story is set in rural England, and Mrs. Bennett, the mother of 5 daughters, has just one goal: to see them all married. 1/5 of her wish is about to be answered when a wealthy bachelor, Mr. Bingley, comes to their town, and takes a liking to Jane, the oldest Bennett sister. With him, he brings his sister, and a few friends and among these friends is Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, an even wealthier bachelor, but with a terrible pride.

Mr. Darcy is the love interest in this story as you can probably tell, so who’s the other half, our protagonist? Well, that would be Ms. Elizabeth Bennett, the second of the Bennett sisters. If she were to have lived today, she would’ve been a feminist, and that is all I will be telling you here.

Like all classics, this story was verrrry long. I listened to it as an audiobook and it took me a solid month to finish. As well, the beginning is slow, snail’s pace slow. But, when you get through around half of the book, the plot speeds up exponentially so the last third of the book, I was reeeeeling. I think in this case, the slowness really adds nicely to the build-up at the end so I will condone the first chapters of boredom.

Overall I actually really liked this book! I think it’s better than many of the classics I’ve read before, but that might also be because I really liked the narrator of the audiobook. The story isn’t overwhelmingly sappy or cheesy and I love that. It shows that good love stories and romances don’t have to have extremes, and that feeling can be conveyed and portrayed subtly but still clearly. As well, there are some parts of the book where I was so frustrated and some characters that I hated with every INCH of my being, so it’s definitely not just romance. If you’re worried about the length, I would highly recommend listening to the audiobook! It’s free on Audible Stories.

I give this book a solid 8/10, you will feel very satisfied when you’re done. Happy reading and let me know if you try it!