Renegades by Marissa Meyer

After reading both the Cinder series as well as Heartless, Marissa Meyer has become one of my favourite authors, so I was beyond pumped to hear that she had released a new series. Now, Renegades isn’t very new anymore but it’s my first time reading it so we’re just going to pretend that none of you guys have ever read this book and that this is the first time you’re hearing about it 🙂

Summary (no spoilers, don’t worry): Renegades takes place in a world newly born from the carnage Ace Anarchy created during his reign. It’s a world full of prodigies, who possess superhuman powers, and a large group of them has deemed fighting crime and rebuilding the world their ultimate goal. These, are the Renegades.

Nova Artino is a prodigy, daughter to David Artino and niece to none other than Ace Anarchy himself. At age 6, she witnessed the murder of her parents and little sister without any of the aid the renegades had promised her family. Now, 11 years later, she is livid, and she wants revenge. Under a code name, she infiltrates Renegade headquarters, joining the patrol team lead by the son of Captain Chromium and the Dread Warden (two of the original renegades). Her plan is simple, observe, learn and plan out the best way to take. them. down.

Thoughts: I really loved this book, and it just further confirms Marissa’s spot in my “favourite writers” rankings. Reading Renegades made me question the “black and white” of any world. The good guys aren’t going to be perfect and there’s always more to the story of the bad guys. Anyways, final rating: 9/10, I’m just looking for a bit more story development in the sequels! Other than that, a perfect plot and a very well-rounded world. Many questions raised, leaving me very anxious for the next book! (Also, there’s a plot twist and yeah, I gasped…)