Riveting, suspenseful, brilliant. From the moment I opened Overturned by L.R. Giles, I could tell this story wasn’t one I would be forgetting soon. Strong, beautiful writing combined with a captivating plot makes Overturned the gem that it is.

It isn’t easy being the daughter of a convicted killer, but Nikki Tate’s poker face never cracks. By operating illegal poker games in the basement of her family’s casino, Nikki knows she’ll be able to save enough money to get herself out of Vegas and into a good college with her friends. After all, what more could life possibly throw at her?

But then her father (who’s always claimed to be innocent) gets released from jail just before his death sentence. He comes back into the family and Nikki’s world flips upside down once again. With her father’s sudden overturned conviction and the cute new boy at school, is Nikki’s life on the turn for the better? Or will the secrets that almost cost her father his life end up taking hers instead?

This book was a wonderful read. I couldn’t find myself putting it down. L.R. Giles has a strong sense of which words to use when. His writing is simply impeccable. The plot is sharp, unpredictable, and there’s a bit of every genre in this book to suit everyone. I found it easy to relate to each character, sometimes frighteningly so. Overturned by L.R. Giles gets a 10/10. There are some hidden moral/ meanings behind this story but the reason Overturned got 10/10 was simply because I enjoyed reading it so much. (sounds dumb, but hear me out, why are ‘good’ books so good anyway? Because you enjoy reading them, that’s why! 🙂 )