My Lady Jane

My Lady Jane is a historical fiction book with a fantasy twist, and it’s one of my favourite book (of course I don’t have just ONE favourite book.)

Edward is dying. He is the king. He shouldn’t be dying. But he is, and he will die, never even having gotten his first kiss. Life’s no fair.

Lady Jane Grey would rather spend her days curled up with a book than have to go to any of the social gatherings her mother is so keen on making her go to. But when she is told that her beloved cousin is dying and she must marry in order to save the throne, she decides she must do her duty and agrees to the marriage. But there’s something off about her intended, and she’s determined to find out what.

Gifford, call him G, is a horse. He only turns back into a human at night to the embarrassment of his family. When his father tells him that he is to marry the cousin of the king, he is horrified. He was happy being a horse, but it looks like there’s no choice.

When the three of them get caught in a dangerous plot to steal the throne, will they be able to save the kingdom in time, or will it be off with their heads?

I don’t like fantasy, and I never have, but this book is entirely different. It’s a romance, a historical fiction, and a mystery; it’s everything beautiful about every genre wrapped up into a novel that will have you on the edge of your seat. My Lady Jane gets a 10/10. I genuinely can’t think of anything wrong with it, and I would recommend it to everyone.