Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter

The thrilling conclusion to the Embassy Row trilogy, this book did not disappoint. Having enjoyed the first book more than the second, I was a bit nervous for this finale. Thankfully, it was very fast-paced and took quite a bit of will-power and some much-needed reasoning from my mom to make me put it down last night. I finished it today morning and I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever read a book of that length.

Synopsis (may include spoilers from previous books but not this one): Grace Blakely has just found out that she is, in fact, royalty. A direct descendant of Amelia, the little princess who survived the royal massacre 200 years ago, her brother is the rightful king of Adria and she is the lost princess. However, she isn’t the only one who knows it and there are forces at work to find and kill her and her brother like they did her mom 3 years ago. This is the story of Grace’s journey in trying to discover what her mom found that lead to this constant game of cat-and-mouse and trying to find out who she can truly trust in this world built from stunning lies.

Thoughts: I highly enjoyed this book, and not just because it’s a mystery, one of my favourite genres. I think I would recommend this to anyone looking for an intense story that’ll take them on quite the ride. Having read so many of her books this summer, I’m quite familiar with Ms. Carter’s writing style now and you can be sure she writes plot twists that will leave you in awe. My final rating is a 9/10 because I think this was an amazing finale but there are still some cliches in there. I also got a bit tired of Grace’s constant self-deprecating thoughts, like, come on… it’s 2019, self-appreciation is the new cool! Overall though, the ending satisfied me and was adorable albeit pretty unrealistic… I hope you give this series a try!