Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

If this review were being read to you like an audiobook, you wouldn’t even be able to hear it over the sound of my tears. Thankfully, I’m just joking (although that’s not the case for Heartless), surprisingly I didn’t cry for this although it definitely hit me straight in the feels quite a few times.

Crooked Kingdom is the sequel to Six of Crows which I absolutely loved. This is a huge book, hence why it took me so long to finish but I have finally concluded and gathered my opinions.

Spoilers for Six of Crows but not Crooked Kingdom: Following their raid on the Ice Court to rescue Kuwei Yul-Bo, Kaz and the Dregs are working to free Inej from Van Eck’s grasp. OK I’m done, you can open your eyes now LOL.

This book was, dare I say even BETTER than Six of Crows? Sometimes authors lose a bit of their touch on the later books in a series but Leigh Bardugo defied all odds and gave us everything we ever asked for and then some. The relationships are so much more fleshed out and character development is absolutely astonishing. I couldn’t recommend this book more than I am doing right now, go read it, come back and we’ll cry together.

Final rating: a full 10/10 lads, and you know I’m unafraid to be brutally honest. Literally no flaws, even though the ending was a little unresolved, I was still satisfied which just proves Leigh Bardugo is magical.