Desert Dark by Sonja Stone

Hey guys, I’m back! This week I’m moderating your reviews and let me just say, they’re good good, like I end up reading the entire thing because one sentence jumped out. Keep it up!!

Yesterday I finished the amazing book you see to the left recommended by Inshal. (you can read her review of it right here). I am an avid reader of spy stories/mysteries so I came into this with very high hopes and I was not disappointed!

Obviously full props to Inshal for reading it and suggesting it but I may have different opinions on it so if you’d like to gather a full-er perspective, just read on 🙂

Synopsis: Nadia is a genius, an exceptionally smart and pretty girl with a keen ability to crack codes; but most importantly, she wants to transfer because her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. So when a recruiting agent comes to invite her to Desert Mountain Academy, she gladly accepts. There, she finds out it’s actually a training camp for future CIA field agents and that their required courses consist of Jujitsu, Psychology (where they learn how to catch a liar), Arabic, Codes and Ciphers etc. Then, word gets out that there’s a double agent on campus and Nadia’s the main suspect.

Thoughts: I really liked this book because spy stories are right up my alley but I wouldn’t say it’s the best mystery I’ve ever read. Let me explain why: I don’t know if it’s because I read too many mysteries or if it’s just pretty obvious, but I figured out the “bad guy” before the author got to it. Not too far before but I definitely figured it out before it was fully revealed. However, other than that, I would say it was a really amazing read. Nadia’s teammates are all very well rounded and have their own motives for being the double agent so I would say the story wasn’t predictable but it didn’t completely throw me off either. All in all, I enjoyed it and now I’m hooked on spy stories again :)). My final rating is a 8.5/10 and I think the sequel’s gonna blow my mind even more :O.