Blind, by Rachel DeWoskin was a raw, powerful, and captivating read.

This book is about fifteen-year-old Emma who became blind after an accident. Everything that had come naturally to her now is impossible to do, like choosing an outfit or crossing a road. Almost a year after her accident, though, Emma decides that she’s ready to start high school again. She wants everything to go back to normal… except that there is no normal for a girl like her

Then, a girl from Emma’s grade is found dead in a lake, and the world twists on its axis again. The people in Emma’s town are content with declaring Claire’s death an accident, but Emma wants to know what really happened.

I found this book very interesting because it showed how life is like for a blind person. Another aspect of the story I liked was Emma’s relationship with her family. As one of seven children, it was interesting to see each siblings’ personality and what it’s like living in a big family.

I give this book a 7/10. Although I loved each scene and every character, there was no apparent plot. Emma grappled with her blindness for half the book, and the other half was spent discussing Claire’s death. There were no big action scenes, and the lack of suspense was a bit disappointing. Despite that, I loved the characters and each of the relationships Emma built with them. I would recommend this book to other people who want to read something different.