To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Han, Jenny

This story starts with Lara Jean Song, a sixteen-year-old who keeps her love letters in a precious hatbox her mother gave her. These are all the love letters she’s written, five in total, one for every boy she ever loved. And these are the love letters, where she pours out her secrets, all of the secrets that should never exist in any other’s worlds, it’s only for her imaginary world. Everything has been going wonderfully for Lara Jean, until someone anonymously stole her hatbox and sent all the letters to the five boys. As for Lara Jean, her life will become a disaster…

Wow, how embarrassing the title sounds already. Sometimes I am too scared to even say the name of this book because it’s too weird, way too weird. All the girls will be judging and the boys will definitely be disgusted. But to be very honest, I love this book. My best friend bought it for me as my birthday present because they love it too. It is too relatable to the pain in life and that’s why we enjoy it so much.