Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

‘Anna Dressed in Blood’ is a YA book about a ghost slayer and a murdered girl which came back as a ghost seeking for vengeance.

The protagonist, Cas Lockwood, is an eighteen-year-old (seemingly normal) guy with an unhealthy obsession for hunting down the ghost that killed his father when he was only a child. He is never affected by his decisions on which ghosts to kill, but that was before he met Anna. At first glance, he treats Anna as an average evil ghost. After (many) unsuccessful attempts to kill her, he starts to warm up to Anna, and eventually develops romantic feelings towards her.

However, this is a horror story after all. While Anna internally fights with an evil version of herself, she kills many more people (unwillingly) and raises suspicion around the town.

Cas on the other hand, still wants to kill her because it’s his job, his duty. He can’t let his feelings cloud his judgement. That’s why he came to Thunder Bay, Ontario, in the first place anyways.

While both main characters fight with mental problems of their own, something sinister starts to come over the tiny town.

Overall, this book was pretty good. I’m kind of unsatisfied with the ending but it was really captivating and engaging. It really is a good book and will definitely be one of my favourites from now on! On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate this a 9 simply for the plot twists and specks ok romance. Like I said though, not really satisfied with the ending. (Okay…I was really mad about it for days but it really is a good book!!)

Well…that’s about it. Don’t want to spoil the ending for y’all. Thanks for reading and have a good one! 🙂