Pretend She’s Here by Luanne Rice

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I enjoyed this book a lot but some parts were very scary even though it wasn’t the mature type of teen book. A book with new concepts really interests me and I had many friends suggest this book. It was certainly good but it was like half a horror story.

          Pretend She’s Here is a very dark story with quite some emotional parts inside. I did enjoy the book but it is very heartbreaking. There are frightening parts where it makes you tense up and urge you to read the next chapter. I would rate it 4 stars out of 5.

            Emily Lonergan and Lizzie Porter are the most loving best friends, they are almost like sisters to each other. Unfortunately, Lizzie Porter died of cancer and Emily and the Porter family were heartbroken. Lizzie was like Emily’s other half, while the Porters loves Lizzie dearly. Ever since Lizzie’s death, the Porter family has decided to move away and renew their life. The Porters are the only ones who understood how desperate Emily feels about Lizzie’s tragedy. Desperate enough to do something crazy.

            They kidnapped Emily and forced her to become Lizzie. They permanently dyed her hair, forced her to wear contacts, did her makeup and demanded her act exactly like Lizzie. It was a nightmare come true for Emily. If Emily tried to escape, Mrs. Porter threatened Emily that she will murder her whole family, since the Lonergans have no idea that the Porters are the one behind all this terror. Will Emily live the rest of her life as with the Porters as Lizzie and cut away from the world? Or will she be rescued and keep her family safe?