Love Is Both Wave and Particle

Love Is Both Wave and Particle by Paul Cody

Different, important, and beautiful. Love is Both Wave and Particle written by Paul Cody is one of a kind.

Two troubled, yet brilliant teens, Levon and Samantha are assigned to work on a senior project together. They don’t know a thing about each other, but their school’s counselor, Meg thinks they’ll work well with each other.

Levon doesn’t know who his father is. It’s always put a strain on his relationship with his mother, Susan, and made him anti-social. Despite being smart and likable, Levon has no friends. He never thought he would want a friend, not until he meets Samantha. Samantha suffered from depression from as long as she can remember. Her suicide attempt a few months ago, though, forced her parents to realize what was going on, and after intense therapy, she starts at a new school. She is intrigued by Levon’s ability to understand her. Together, Levon and Samantha start on this journey of self-discovery, and understanding. They come to terms with their pasts, and look towards the future, one they might have together. There are ups and downs, but slowly they get to know, and learn to love each other.

This book was unique and even though it might seem cliché, it’s really not. Every chapter is written in someone different’s point of view, and I love learning about every character in Levon and Samantha’s story. It is a love story, but not your typical one; there is no happily ever after, nor is there a fixed ending. Love is Both Wave and Particle gets 9/10 stars. The only thing I would improve? All the characters are a bit too nice. The antagonist in this story is weak, I think the only thing Levon and Samantha struggle with is their relationships, and their mental health. The few characters that I did start to hate were forgiven and explained away. In real life, people are mean, and don’t always think of other people. In this story, the did.

But other than that, Levon and Samantha’s story is heart-warming. Some parts of it are difficult to read, but important. The cover page is beautiful, but the title is even more so. The meaning behind ‘love is both wave and particle’? Love can be smooth, changing and moving, but it can also be gritty, tough, and stationary. We just have to find a way to live with both wave and particle.