Hey guys, first off, Happy Belated Canada Day! I hope you had some fun in the sun yesterday 🙂

This week I’m reviewing Heist Society by Ally Carter, who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors of all time. Her stories are always super action-filled and lately I’ve been reading A LOT of her books.

Summary (no spoilers, don’t worry): Heist Society is about a girl named Katarina (aka Kat) who has been training to be a thief since she was born, literally, meaning her first “job” (aka robbery) took place at the age of 3. She comes from a whole family of notoriously good thieves and therefore, the criminal life IS her life. However, Kat didn’t want to keep stealing anymore, so she conned her way into one of the best boarding schools in the world and ran away from the “family business”. Unfortunately, trouble just always seems to find her despite her efforts at a normal life…

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this book, it’s a light read and very fast-paced. I love the character relationships and her huge, crazy family too. To give you an idea for how much this story hooked me, I finished the entire trilogy in 2 and a half days. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone really, although I think it’ll appeal more to younger audiences as the topics aren’t very deep or serious. I’d rate this a 4/5 because the sequel and sequel to the sequel are way better because the plotline just keeps on developing!! Now what are you waiting for?? Go borrow it already!