Killer Instinct

Dark, suspenseful, and thrilling. Killer Instinct by S.E. Green is a murder-mystery novel, and a thriller.

Lane is an average seventeen-year-old teenager. She has a mother, a step-father, and a half-brother, all of whom she adores. Her half-sister? Not so much, but again, that’s normal. She volunteers at the local animal shelter, and has a favourite puppy there. Like I said, normal. Except… not really.

Lane has urges; strong and dark impulses to violently hurt people who’ve wronged her, or others. She doesn’t know what made her this way, but she doesn’t know how to be any other way. Lane controls these impulses by delivering justice to criminals who have evaded the law. She follows them until she is sure they committed the crime, and then… they pay for what they have done. She doesn’t kill them, but every time, she gets closer and closer to doing so.

Lane is also obsessed with serial killers. She sees herself in them, or at least parts of herself. Her parents work for the FBI, and she has access to the little details that make her blood rush just by listening at the door. When a new serial killer shows up in her area, delivering their victim’s decapitated body parts one at a time over town, Lane knows she has to find the killer and make them pay. She doesn’t know, though, how closely this new serial killer is tied to her past. With every new clue she uncovers, Lane finds more and more of this case is related to her, and to her birth father. If she doesn’t find the Decapitator soon, someone she loves might get hurt…

This book was a wonderful read. I couldn’t put it down, and every other sentence made me jump, clench my teeth, or laugh. The author divulges a few tidbits of information every chapter, so I didn’t feel the need to throw my book at the wall in despair, instead, I took the clue and desperately waited for the next one. There are a few subtle plot twists, all of which are not neither expected, nor unexpected so that kept me on my toes. The only problem? The ending was slightly far-fetched, but I guess that could be a good thing. Killer Instinct gets 9/10. Highly recommend to read (if you do get scared easily, then maybe don’t, just a heads up. 😀 )