Before We Go Extinct by Karen Rivers

JC, also known as either Sharkboy or Sharky has been having a difficult time ever since his best friend died right in front of him. What scares him and causes him to have a hard time is that his friend ‘s (he calls ‘The King’) death may have not been an accident and he wasn’t able to save him. Weeks pass and JC spends most of his time in his room, watching documentaries about the creatures he loves-sharks. He also watches about climate change and he even texts his dead friend.
Sharky’s mom wants to do everything she can to help him deal with his loss and him being traumatized, so she sends him to visit his dad on a small island in Canada. There, Sharky explores and enjoys his new surroundings and the life he didn’t have, as he tries to get away from what leaves him breathless the most-‘The King’s’ Death. But out of all his adventures and new bonds, he meets a girl who may show him how to love and live again.

This is a great book with meaningful quotes and poetry and it shows how someone can relive and have a fresh start even if something or someone they’ve lost hurts them the most.

I recommend this book to you if you want to learn about sharks and if you enjoy reading romance novels.