The Sun is Also a Star is the romance story of two young teenagers, falling in love within 10 hours of meeting each other, and changing each other’s lives forever. 

Natasha, is a girl who believes in science and facts, not dreams, not hope, not destiny nor fate. She isn’t the type of girl who will fall in love with a boy on the streets of New York City. It won’t happen because her family are illegal immigrants, who are being deported to Jamaica in 12 hours.

Daniel is always the good boy, who lives up to the high expectations of his parents. He loves to dream and write poetry, but he has to become a professional doctor and find a pretty Korean girl because that’s what his parents expect.

Somehow, the universe brought them together, something like fate, perhaps destiny. Daniel knows exactly they are meant to be together, but he just has to convince the all-scientific Natasha. Throughout the day, they debated over love and destiny, but they both cannot deny the connection they have, something more than just friendship. Soon, Natasha will have to leave America with her family, will they end up together? Or will they break the relationship they have and forget each other forever?

This book has been very popular so I got this as a birthday present from my best friend. The cover looked very tempting to read and the title looked like a deep thinking book. I didn’t enjoy the main story very much because I found it quite boring and unrelated to life. Some of the tiny details were very beautiful though, with all the descriptions of how Natasha and Daniel fell in love and broke apart. There were also chapters from other perspectives from random side characters and objects/concepts. It was really interesting to see how Nicola Yoon was able to write perspectives from the universe, love, life, history etc. I would still recommend the book, there aren’t many stories like this one, with all the miraculous things happen within one day.