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Crossroads: A Meeting of Nations (or more simply, Crossroads) is a non-fiction anthology about historical events. It covers topics like the Fur Trade and American Revolution in an attempt to give snapshots of what was happening at the time.

This book is not fun to read. Sure, it’s well written and sure, it’s probably accurate, but it’s not very interesting. It talks about the life of people like Samuel de Champlain and Jacques Cartier, but gives them no substance. I had no sense of who Champlain or any of the characters were, for the matter. This book tells me what these people did but never who they were as characters with thoughts and feelings. But reading the book, fleshing out any character would most likely be pointless because characters are brought up and forgotten about within literal pages. This happens often, leading to many characters with barely any substance. It would make sense for an anthology series to have many characters, but the amount of characters with no personality to speak of in this book is startling.

I will give the book that the history behind it can be fascinating. Learning about how colonists came to America and other historical events was interesting to an extent. To an extent. There is no flavour to this text. I could never feel emotion in the voice telling me about the Fur Trade or the Boston Tea Party or any part of the book. It was just bland. I wish I could say I even finished this book. But after reading select chapters, I gave up. Nothing drew me back to finish this bland piece of cardboard.

All in all, Crossroads is a book that you probably won’t enjoy. There are no likeable characters because the characters there are barely characters and the writing falls flat on its face, tasting like sandpaper. That’s why I give this book my rating of: A glass of water/10- Very bland and very boring. I mean, we should all probably have it at some point in our lives, but there are so many other more colourful, more interesting things we could be trying instead of this.