Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor, mostly known at school for her bright red hair has recently returned home to Omaha, after being kicked out by her monstrous stepfather Richie. When Eleanor spends her time at home she is terrified and she stays in her messy room (which she shares with all her siblings), in fear of offending her alcoholic stepfather. When the new school year arrives, Eleanor starts to get out of her room more and it’s all because of Park.
Park, mostly known at school for being half-Korean has lived in Omaha his whole life. He has a loving family, he takes taekwondo and wants to get his driving license. Park has a passion for music and comic books and he shares it with someone who bonds over his interests, Eleanor.

At the start the two sit together on the bus by force. But as time passes, Eleanor begins to read Park’s comics over his shoulder. He starts to lend his comics and cassette tapes. Their bond grows and eventually they begin holding hands on their rides to and from school.

There is more than holding hands that show the two’s love for each other as they face the obstacle that does not allow them to have/treasure their relationship-the world.

This is an excellent romance novel that can warm your heart but break it at the same time! I highly recommend this book if you like contemporary novels and enjoy reading about romance.