The Wild RobotRoz is a robot. She doesn’t know where she is or even who she is, all she know is that she helps you. Roz is a robot unlike others because she learns. So when she finds herself on a remote island she learns how to survive by watching other animals. Meanwhile theres a buzz around the island with the animals that theres a monster. All the animals are scared of Roz. When Roz adopts a gosling the animals learn to realize that Roz isn’t a monster. As the gosling Brightbill always new that Roz was her mom. When winter comes Brightbill flies south with the flock. Roz is worried, Brightbill has never been away from her. All the other animals help Roz prepare for winter. Will they survive?

I thought the Wild Robot was kind of boring at the beginning but then got better. It was very creative and something would always go wrong, but then the animals would find a way to solve the problem in a unique way. I want to know what happens next in the next book the Wild Robot Escapes.