Image result for pax by sara pennypackerPax is book that has two different perspectives, the chapters alternate between the perspective of a boy named Peter and his fox named Pax. Peter’s dad get enlisted into the army. He forces the inseparable pair to break. Peter is forced to leave Pax in a forest. Peter is at his grandpa’s house while his dad is at war, but then sneaks out to find Pax. Meanwhile Pax is confused of why his owner didn’t come back for him. Peter explores the forest looking for Pax, but then breaks his leg. He finds this private property, he settles there. A lady named Viola tries to kick him out but realizes his leg is broken and helps him. Together they build Peter’s strength back. Pax meets a small pack of wolves, they teach Pax how to survive in the wild. Will Peter and Pax ever be reunited?

I loved this book, it was in a great style of writing and I thought that it was very exiting. I liked that you would never know what was coming next and you always thought something but it went the other way. I think you should definitely read it.