FireFire; by Kristin Cashore may not be as well known as Graceling but it is certainly an amazing book as well. Sometimes full-on, rich, fantasy can be a bit hard for me to read but Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue were very rare exceptions. I have already written a review on Graceling and Fire was the second book I read by Kristin Cashore so I am reviewing it now. Fire is a human monster, just like her dad was. This doesn’t mean she hides under the bed, has scales and sharp teeth though, no! In fact, it means that she is extraordinarily beautiful and possesses the power to manipulate somebody by putting thoughts into their mind. This makes people distrust her, that, and the fact that her father had basically singlehandedly brought her kingdom down to its knees. That was just a little introduction to the story and hopefully it already has you convinced but I will say that this book was one of the best series I’ve ever read, and it is currently on my “Top 30 Books List”, which I’ve mentioned in a few of my other reviews. I really, really, really recommend this book, it has ALL the components needed for a captivating story. Another thing is these three books can probably be read in any order without confusing the reader, however the ideal order to read them, and this is strictly my opinion, would be Graceling, Fire, and finally Bitterblue. Which, luckily, was indeed the order I read them in. So, last note, 75/5 stars, THIS IS AMAZING! Go get a copy IMMEDIATELY.