Will he ever be able to play?

Will they ever get out?

What will he do?

Heart of a Champion by Ellen Schwartz is an amazing book and one of my favourite books ever. It takes place in Vancouver during WWII. The Japanese are about to get sent to the internment camps. Things are slowly getting taken away from them. Kenny and his family is getting worried. Kenny’s dad Hiroshi gets sent away to work. “All male of the Japanese race between the ages of eighteen and forty-five are to be removed from a one-hundred-mile-wide ‘secure zone’ along the west coast of British Colombia” says the notice they get .The Sakamoto family couldn’t believe it. Then Kenny and the rest of his family get sent away somewhere else. Mickey, Kenny’s older brother plays baseball for the Asahi’s, now he’s to disappointed to even do anything because he can’t play. At he camp its just a lot of work for Kenny because Mickey got mad and he got sent away. Its all up to Kenny to save his family.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I think Ellen Schwartz is an amazing author and has a really good style of writing. I got the chance to meet Ellen Schwartz and she talked about how she got the inspiration to this book. She also talked about how much effort got put into writing and thinking of ideas. For this book she did a lot of research because she didn’t know a lot about the Asahi’s and where they came from. I would definitely read this book again and I think you should read it.